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During your free 60-minute consultation, we’ll review your medical history and perform a Wavefront Analysis, Pentacam HR, autorefraction, pachymetry, and pupilometry. These tests tell us about your prescription, the shape, health and thickness of your cornea, the size of your pupils and any unique imperfections present in your visual system.

The successful treatment of vision disorders requires accurate diagnosis. A diagnostic device was developed that is aligned with our laser system in order to assure a treatment that is right for you. TheWaveLight® Allegro Analyzer® Device is a diagnostic device to support the decision-making process for customized laser vision correction by calculating the individual wavefront aberrations of the eye. This device delivers measurement data for the preparation of Wavefront-Guided treatments. It measures the complete optics of the eye and calculates the individual wavefront aberrations. Therefore, it greatly enhances the range of possible treatments, from a Wavefront Optimized® procedure to sophisticated Wavefront-Guided treatments.

The Pentacam HR is a device consisting of a slit illumination system and a Scheimpflug camera which rotates around the eye. A thin layer within the eye is illuminated through the slit, and the cells scatter the slit light. Swivelling around the eye 360 degrees, the slit-camera device generates a series of images of the anterior eye chamber, similar to an MRI. The Pentacam is the only instrument on the market able to perform a precise and complete measurement and analysis of the center of the cornea. The resulting data is used to generate information on elevation, curvature, pachymetry, and depth of the anterior eye chamber in full color maps.

All of the tests performed during our screening process are critical in determining if refractive surgery is right for you. No other facility offers this depth of testing during your initial FREE consultation.