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Looking For a Great LASIK Experience?

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Contemplating LASIK? Then you’ve got some work to do. Where should you go? Which procedure should you choose? How much should it cost? These are the questions people ask us every day. But when we dig beneath these questions, there’s usually one thing holding people back from having LASIK. They are afraid. Afraid something will go wrong. Afraid they’ll go blind. Afraid they’ll pay too much. Afraid they should wait for newer technology. So we thought we’d address these fears head-on. And we’ll share feedback from our patients. Because they were once afraid too—and they tell the real story of the InSight Lasik experience.

#1—Choose a center that listens.

Do they answer their phone? Do you feel that the staff is knowledgeable and helpful? Are your appointments thorough and relaxed? Are you able to spend substantial time with the doctors? Are your questions answered in a straightforward manner? Do they ask what you’re hoping for, what you’re worried about, and what circumstances exist in your work or play that would affect the treatment you receive?

#2—Expect newer technologies will yield better results.

LASIK is an amazingly safe procedure. The advancements of laser radar eyetracking, large treatment zones for larger pupils, and the new CustomCornea procedure to address glare, halos and night vision problems are all tremendous improvements. And while many people believe astigmatism rules them out of having LASIK, that is no longer the case. Small spot shaping with the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q® can correct up to 6 diopters of astigmatism. So if you’re waiting for the safest, most advanced, most effective technology, it’s here.

#3—Pay fairly for the quality you expect.

Pricing for LASIK is aggressive. $299 per eye seems to shout from every Sunday paper. But advertising that needs an asterisk and five-line footnote might not meet your quality expectations. Remember that you should see your doctor 7 or 8 times over the course of your pre-operative and post-operative care, so the distance you travel is a consideration. Realize that different lasers command higher (or lower) pricing based on the sophistication of their technology and treatment ranges. If you’re told all lasers are the same, it’s a sign they are not using the laser you want. And if you find the price goes up for exams, dry eye treatment, drops or medications, be concerned. That LASIK deal may not be such a deal after all.

#4—Enjoy the experience!

Short of getting married or having a baby, this might be the best thing you do for yourself in your lifetime (or at least this year!). Choose to have the experience in a place where you are comfortable, with people who care about you. It really doesn’t hurt. We move slowly and gently with you every step of the way. Because we know how LASIK will change your life, we take every opportunity to make this a positive, unforgettable experience.

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